Friday, April 18, 2008

4-18-2008::Show No. 6 - Ultralight Handguns

Ultra Lightweights... wear a glove!!

  2. Go shooting at Calibers Indoor Gun Range in Greensboro.
  3. Visit our website: AND now
  4. Call us at 336-441-0449 or email at
  5. Shooting On The Net:
  6. What's New In Shooting: Smith and Wesson's new Night Guard series revolvers.
  7. Topic Of The Show: Ultralight hand is still throbbing..
  8. In The News: The legendary Charlton Heston passes away. Former NRA president, classical actor and Moses...
  9. Send-off with a little Independent music: You Still Shine by Caitlin Evanson
  10. NRA tribute to Charlton Heston. Narrated by Tom Selleck (about 37 mins)
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I have a Colt Hamerless in .380 and I saw yours......Do you have the contact infor for Mike Dudley, the gunsmith at Impact Guns. I would like him to do to mine what he did to yours.