Saturday, May 3, 2008

5-2-2008::Show No. 7 - Mosin Nagant Rifles.. A Great Value

Mosin Nagant Rifles... a GREAT VALUE!!

  2. Go shooting at Calibers Indoor Gun Range in Greensboro.
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  5. In The News: U.S. Secretary of the Interior makes a move to allow CCW in National Parks. There is a 60 day comment period....SO GO COMMENT!!!!!
  6. What's New In Shooting: A Shot Show Podcast Tactical Roundup.
  7. Topic Of The Show: Mosin Nagant rifles are a great value... inexpensive, built like a tank and accurate... everyone should have one.
  8. Shooting On The Net:The Box O' Truth.
  9. SHOT SHOW PODCAST EXTRA: DC v. Heller after argument commentary comparison. WE WIN!!
  10. Send-off with a little Independent music: Travel On by Moving Atlas.
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