Sunday, July 18, 2010

7-17-10::Show No.27 - Lever Love 2

Teddy and his .405 WCF

In this episode: Boss Daily defies the SCOTUS!  Jerome from California (LA edition of the West Coast GRRN News) talks about Oddball Leverguns. I review gun instructor Gabe Suarez's and the new look of  Our Topic is Lever Action Part 2!!! Calibers, Manufacturers and Tactical/Defense Levers.

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    Great podcast Doc. Can't wait for part 3 of Lever love. I would love to hear more about he 1892 lever action rifle. Next to Winchester, what is your favorite 1892?

    Hey.. thanks for the kind words.. I am about finished with the last part of levers (and first part of scout rifles)... I have had some problems with equipment and have had a hard time getting up with Average Joe for his segment. I have it done now and have to edit. Should have it up by the end of the weekend.
    Other than Winchester for 1892? That would be my Cimarron 1892 in .45 Colt. Beautiful......