Friday, August 27, 2010

8-27-10::Show No.28 - Evil Black Lever Action???

Evil Black Lever Action

In this episode: Who is Elena Kagan?  What does her conformation mean for us?  We review, terminal ballistic testing website.  Average Joe discusses the Kimber RCP and the new Remora clipless IWB holsters.  We finish the Lever Action discussions with Tactical Levers and then start getting into Scout Rifles.  The GNP is going to have a shootin match........

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    Doc, and Joe, this is Jim Fleming...

    Good job on the Lever Love Show Doc, you've convinced me that I need to get a .357 Lever gun, again. If .357 isn't available, I'll be looking for a .44 Magnum Lever Gun. Since I cast for both calibers that's not going to be too much of an issue for me.

    Thanks Guys, both of you...

    Joe, you convinced me to buy a Remora Holster, but I promise to NOT forget to mention you and Doc when I do call them to order.

    Thanks again,

    Jim Fleming