Thursday, May 10, 2012


Just like Average Joe, I am enamored with the 7.62x25. I should have bought a TT-33 back when they were about a $100, or a CZ52 when they were $150. I'd also like to see a modern pistol offered in the round, besides the Wise Lite Sterling (which appears to have been discontinued).

What gun am I embarrassed to like? From what I own, I'd say my "commercial" SKS and my Ruger P95. The SKS was $89 wholesale when I got it years ago and it was the poor man's deer rifle in my part of the country. But on the flipside, it is more of a rifle than an AK (whatever that means), it shoots a .30 cal, and it's got that evil spike bayonet. The Ruger P95 came at the end of the wondernine era. It post-dated the revolutionary Glock 17, but it has true pre-Glock double-action technology, and it is reasonably hard to find accessories for it. But it's built like a tank (so I've heard, except periodic bent extractor problems), fun to shoot with a grip sleeve, and a great quality value for an entry-level service pistol - if you have to buy new.