Sunday, June 24, 2012

6-20-2012::Show No.50 - The Tactical Bible

(recorded live on 6-20-2012)
AJ takes vacation!!!  Holder will be found in CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS, while PBO will invoke Executive Privilege, NRA says we back contempt..  We are joined by Rob Robideau, host of the Personal Armament Podcast to discuss Christianity and self-defense and his new book: "Tactical Bible Stories: Personal Security Tips From The Bible."   Join us live on the next show!


Doc, Rob,

This was a great episode. I had read the book before the episode and absolutely love the book. I have it on my iPhone and iPad (sorry Rob) and constantly refer back to it. As an up and coming instructure with a definite lean towards the spiritual aspects of self defense this book was right on the mark.

Thanks of the great information and keep up the good work.


Jeff Sinason

Great show. I read the book before, when I downloaded it as part of the one day it was free on Amazon. Great book. This had been a subject that I had been talking about to a lot of people but couldn't find any real good related information. This is now one of my primary references.


Jeff S