Thursday, September 13, 2012


Holy crap!
First, thank you Grant for covering the issue of the differences between Gun Culture 2.0, and, well, I'm forced to admit - us. It's real, and it affects how the pro-gun rights orgs need to market themselves.

But I've gotta write that your fundamental misunderstanding about young gun enthusiasts is not just generational. I think it's also has to do with a misunderstanding of the political spectrum.

The Tea Party "revolt" and the Ron Paul "Revolution" point to growing uneasiness with the two-party system, and Ron Paul supporters have been overwhelmingly trending young. I was amazed when I read in "American Rifleman" one of the leaders professing a belief in sovereign individualism - AMAZED. Such a statement stands outside the left-right/Democrat-Republican paradigm. And such a statement has been buried by the NRA's recent endorsement of Romney, and of course was never reported in the popular media.

Elder progunners have more in common with our younger brethren than you think. Yes, younger people, even gun enthusiasts tend to vote Democrat - they hope for change and have been educated (like I was) that the government can provide it. Yes, the NRA is stodgy, even with its "Tactical" Bull's Eye Award cat, but they are pursuing avenues to be less "sporting."

Yes, the NRA is the gun-rights 800-lb guerrilla[sic], but there are other gun-rights orgs that might appeal to younger shooters. What's more appealing than the 2nd Amendment Foundation's get-out-of-jail-free card? (Okay, not really get out of jail free card - but at least they refer progun attorneys).

In general I agree with you, except for one thing: the NRA is never, ever going to appeal to that demographic. They can become as "less sporting" as they want to, but they'll always be seen as out-of-touch or - worse - ignorant rednecks. They have far too much history and far too much baggage to overcome. A new coat of paint won't cut it (I refer you to "American Guardian TV" for proof.)

I think SAF stands the best chance of attracting these folks, but they'll need a good makeover to do so. Their pitch and style sorely needs updating.

Oh, I totally agree with you that the NRA will not appeal to that demographic. Tactical categories and profiling country-music stars just doesn't cut it. I guess my post was more like a shotgun blast than a reasoned argument.

I also agree with you about SAF. It seems that rgs like the concealed carry and open carry groups seem to look more hip (dated myself again) than any of the other organized organizations.