Thursday, January 3, 2013


I doubt that the 10mm will ever make a come back. It is like the 41 and 44 Mag revolvers, lots of people want one or have one, but very few are carried frequently because of the recoil and cost of ammo. If you are really looking to up the power factor, then the 40 Super would be the way to go. Same size as the 45, but lots more power than the 10mm, almost 10+% better. Same issue with recoil and cost of ammo, but if power is what you are looking for, this is the way to go in a Glock 21.

Chris, I agree on the like of the .40 super.. but that is more like a "wildcat" cartridge than the 10mm. The 41 mag is a revolver, so that kind of leaves it out of the conversation, per se, due t the capacity. The .44 does what it is intended to do...mostly hunt and protect from wild animals. The 10mm has almost always been a "cult following" cartridge... My hope was that IF there is a cap ban... since history tells us that power is the way the population goes, that it might be something that would swing the 10mm into the limelight some.. as you say.. probably not, but I wish! But you are right... that .40 Super looks very interesting.
Like the way you think!