Thursday, July 4, 2013

07-03-2013::Show No.75 - Buying Used

(recorded live on 7-3-2013)
Is buying a used firearm a good idea?  What do you have to look out for?  Grant and Doc run down what you need to check before purchasing that used gun........


Hey Doc,

In your "Buying Used" podcast you were wondering why there wasn't a craigslist for self defense instructors. You confused craiglist with angieslist. Ryan Rocquin over at the Gun Runner Podcast is working on getting just such a thing off the ground. It's called instructorlist ( It's not up yet but I'm sure some brainstorming from your gang couldn't hurt.

Craig, Angie.. so many lists... glad you got my point. Good idea! Grant is a part of a "Consortium" as it were, that was recently started... of the heavy hitter instructors. I think it allows other "local" instructors to be involved as well. I will ask him and see what he has to say bout it... thanks for the info!

I find that while attending my local gun dhow's that a little word of mouth goes a long way just asking around I find that the regulars that attend will help guide you to the best dealers who represent there good's to the best of there ability and are honest and give the fairest deals and who come back and make themselves available should you have any questions , I live in Mississippi and we have a new open carry law and I was wondering if there are any gun owner groups in the area along the Gulf Coast thanks in advance.