Friday, August 2, 2013


Flying with firearms: I've flown several times with a handgun (or two) in my checked luggage. The requirements are unloaded in a locked case. My routine is this: Unload any firearms I'm bringing, Unload all the related magazines, Put the ammo in a factory box to avoid hassles with the airline, Put the firearm in my Pelican case with the action open, Lock the case into my luggage with non TSA locks and a cable around the retractable handle hardware thus making sure my firearm stays in my luggage, Check in at the airline counter and say "I have an unloaded firearm to declare.", fill out the card, attach it to the OUTSIDE of the locked Pelican case and close my suitcase. My experience has been positive overall, but I allow an extra half-hour (90-120 min) to get checked in, through security, etc. Tom Gresham regularly talks about flying with firearms on his show, GunTalk

Enjoyed the show, as usual! Thought I'd give you guys a heads up on the new Yugoslavian-made Zastava Tokarev, here's a link: