Thursday, October 24, 2013

10-23-2013::Show No.82 - Biggest Bang for the Buck

(recorded live on 10-23-2013)
What is the biggest bang for your buck in handguns?  We discuss.  
Then, Grant steps in it.. or did he?  Is Colt starting up WHEELS AGAIN?? Ruger introduces the new SR-762 and we talk about a lot more!


My "biggest bang for the buck" is my everyday carry, a Sig 2022 in .40. I have put over 1500 rounds through it with zero malfunctions. I wanted a Sig for their aesthetics and dependability, but could not afford any but this model. There is no doubt that if ever called upon, this 2022 would function flawlessly. Thanks for the informative podcast.

No doubt Sig makes some great stuff! I like your choice!Every Sig I have had has been spot on....
Thanks for listening and the comments!