Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3-19-2014::Show No.93 - Vision

(recorded live on 3-19-2014)
Who really designed the AK? NO GUNS ALLOWED... DOUCHEBAG! Ares and the ATF. What about poor vision and shooting? All that and Grant needs a haircut!!!  Hippie..........

Show Notes:


I'm listening to your recent podcast on Ares and EP Polymer lowers. I've always thought you all were very level headed, great source of information, but on this one you all have it completely wrong and either you have NOT done enough research on this OR you all have switched sides. EP Armory has already been raided, and supposedly cleared of any wrong doing, Ares sells that lower. They have talked about how the process is doing, with the center being created first THEN the lower being injected around the center, therefore never being a firearm first. I have one of these lowers, and other than the material, it is no easier to create an AR out of this one than it is with a template on an Aluminum 80%. I hope you will do a bit more research on this and realize the ATF has overstepped on this occasion (like they have so many times before) they could have determined whether this lower IS illegal BEFORE raiding Ares, and thus taking their customer list. #wrongonmanylevels

A gun designer of one design only? You left Gaston Glock out of the list. Actually an engineer not a gun designer.