Thursday, March 27, 2014


While I fully support ones choice to carry appendix, I can’t think of a way to sweep oneself worse or more often than using appendix carry, or drawing from a seated position while carrying appendix. (I guess you could hang your pistol, barrel up, from a lanyard around your neck :)).

We don’t want to shoot ourselves anywhere, but there are certain places we must not shoot ourselves. The iliac artery/femoral artery is a place we MUST not shoot ourselves! I have seen several femoral artery GSW’s on the streets and in houses. There is an impressive amount of blood loss (think horror movie with blood spurts across white walls). These are rapidly life threatening within minutes.

Also, if you shoot your iliac or very proximal femoral, you will not be able to place a tourniquet.

So no appy carry for me. Not to say that I never have a muzzle pointed at myself, I pocket carry (cargo pocket) at times so I’m sure the muzzle is pointed at my foot from time to time, that is a risk that is acceptable to me. The iliac and femoral are risks I can’t accept, but I respect your right to accept those risks.

I also find it interesting that people find appendix carry, with its associated potential for life-ending hemorrhage,acceptable, yet get in a tizzy over small of the back carry. Personally I see no real use for small of the back carry and have never carried there. However, the worst case scenario medical risk of a lumbar spine injury pale in comparison to a large hole in your iliac artery. The spinal cord itself typically ends before the level at which one would carry a pistol, leaving the cauda equina, a horse tail of nerves, running through the lumbar and sacral spine.
Injury to the lumbar spine can result in:
Injuries generally result in some loss of function in the hips and legs.
Little or no voluntary control of bowel or bladder, but can manage on their own with special equipment
Depending on strength in the legs, may need a wheelchair and may also walk with braces.

Compare that with dead.

I think there are much safer ways to carry than appendix or small of back, so I don't carry in either.

Enjoyed the podcast as usual.


My most carried gun anymore is a s&w 642 in a blackhawk pocket holster in my left front pants pocket, it usually stays there if i carry something else. Then becomes my back up. If i'm carring a "bigger gun" it's most likely a 5" 1911 in a desantis mad max iwb at about 3:30-4:00. I like this holster so much that when i bought a glock 19 i ordered a desantis mad max for it. I really the mad max, the belt loops are really wide and it holds the gun very stable. the fit on mine has been very snug, they almost lock the gun into place.