Thursday, March 6, 2014

3-5-2014::Show No.91 - To 1911 or NOT

(recorded live on 3-5-2014)
Ruger shows record profits!! Facebook: 2A friendly or NOT? Walther coming out with a new 9mm for CCW. Is the 1911 still a viable self-defense gun?? Plus a lot more!

Show Notes:


Really enjoyed the podcast - especially the "bonus" about the SP101 at the end. It was first service-caliber handgun years ago (1994 production?), and the trigger was so heavy that I didn't fire it much in double action. Wish I had known about dry firing, spring kits (cringe), or had just talked to a good-old gunsmith - and good holsters. I had the same problem with the stock grips, and I also have small hands. Blistered the web of my hand with .357 158gr loads, until I figured out how to contort my hand and hang on for dear life. I would get another today, if I had the cash.