Thursday, May 15, 2014

5-14-2014::Show No.100 - "101-1"

(recorded live on 5-14-2014)
In this 101-1 episode of The Gun Nation: AJ reviews the Walther PPQ M2 Long Slide, Rob Pincus joins us and announces his new book, then we discuss the 5 most popular SD handgun calibers.

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I just love this show. It is one of my favorites along with GunTalk. I have to hand it to you 3 for having an excellent show.
Larry Cunningham

Agree I love it too. Shooting illustrated just did an article on the R51. They claim it's a smashing success. No mention of any of the well publicicized problems. That's why you can't believe anything you read.

Thanks guys! We appreciate the feedback. Larry are you kin to Grant?????