Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hey, props to AJ for his Boberg review.Interesting little pistol. I'd like to know how much the "bullpup" design actually gives you in muzzle velocity. If AJ doesn't provide it, I guess I'll just have to do a little work myself.

...A major + to AJ for his understanding and explanation of military restriction to use non-expanding bullets to comply with the Hauge Convention. So much of the chatter ignores the critical fact that the military can't benefit from the awesome expanding bullets that LEO and CCW folks enjoy.

Also, don't feel bad about the Boberg not locking back on an empty mag... from the looks of the illustration, the weapon needs rearward slide motion to pull a round out of the magazine (if I am seeing that correctly). If the slide 'locked to the read', I bet you'd have to let the slide go forward, and rack it again to chamber a round... I defer to AJ as the only guy I know who's shot one of these....

Great show, keep up the good work.