Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8-5-2014::EPISODE110 - Our Five

Rob Pincus was on Fox and Friends! A coed at and Ivy League school is not allowed to carry a gun even though she is stalked. Joe and I discuss our 5 picks for a personal battery and we get to a couple of emails. Plus more!

Show Notes/Links:


I was driving through central Tx and was listening to the 5 picks for a personal battery podcast. I'm going to question your pick of the 10/22 in light of the 22 ammo drought. The problem with rimfire is once its gone its gone. With a centerfire cartridge, a hand loader and appropriate components you can reload whatever you have a need for. I propose that the 10/22 be changed to a 38/357 lever action. You can load "Ratshot" for small rodents. see:


all the way up to deer size 357. And your mention of the 22 for a backup defence weapon with little recoil would be well served by a light 38 out of the carbine.

My Thoughts