Monday, November 24, 2014

11-20-2014::EPISODE125 - Panic Purchase

Colt getting bailed out, AGAIN; Taurus Curve (what is Grant going to say about that?); Paul Carlson discusses "Low-Brow" marketing in the firearms industry; Ferguson: wide scale civil unrest and panic purchasing of firearms! PLUS MORE MORE MORE!!!

Show Notes/Links:


Loved this episode! So many things were spot on. In fact, you guys could help the cause by adding a female commentator to the show. Maybe an Interview with Fate of Destiny or something?
I think that would rock!

Now, just for some humor, which would Grant choose for the only handgun he could have for the rest of his life: A 1911 in 45acp or a Taurus revolver? (Maybe he'll go all-in and choose a Taurus 1911.)

The Taurus Curve looks to me to be extra bulk on a gun to make it look curved. I saw that the magazine is straight. The curve has material that just fills the area next to the body and adds bulk to make the outside of the curve. If the gun was straight it would be lighter weight and easier to conceal. And it could be used by lefties too.