Friday, November 7, 2014


It would have been nice to have you fellas actually talk about the title of the podcast. For it was one that I would have been very interested in. Seeing that, I have recently moved from Georgia to Wisconsin, and winter carry is something I like to get some pro tips on, seeing I am from a Sunshine state, and had worried more about summer carry.

But to that point, I am right now carrying a Glock 26 or 19/23 or 30sf in a remora holster in one of the large pockets of my winter coat. The Remora allows me to transition from the pocket to the IWB once inside or if I have to take my coat off. i also found that I am wearing finger gloves in order to manipulate the pistol controls.

Can you folks have any suggestions for me that would help me carry better here in the tundra of Wisconsin?