Sunday, January 11, 2015

1-8-2015::EPISODE131 - Pre-SHOT

This week we talk about the new "leaked" Glocks, GP100 Match Champion and have our SHOT SHOW PREVIEW.  Ian explains how the swing-out cylinder revolver began with Moore's Patent Revolver and we get to a lot of email an voicemail.  PLUS MORE!

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Doc Wesson:
I find it highly suspicious that you excluded Average Joe, your resident expert on functional Taurus's, during your screed on Taurus's quality.
"2. To those who say Taurus makes substandard firearms I can only say "you're wrong". Yes I am sure that some lemons make their way out of the factory as they do from all manufacturers. I have had to send two new SIGs and two new Para Ordnance pistols back to the factory for repairs so it happens." - from "Warm Weather Guns Part IV
Great podcast, and I can't wait to get a Tokarev - or Cobra Denali - for self defense. :)
Yours Sarcastically, CR Cobb