Friday, April 17, 2015


Melody mentioned that double stack pistols don't fit, she might want to try out the Sig P250 or P320, with a small grip installed.

I have small hands, and also find many double stack pistols to have to long of a reach to the trigger, but the P250 fits me perfectly once the medium grip is switched to a small one.

Something must be wrong with your links in RSS. I use pocket casts on Android to subscribe to the show through RSS and have not received a new episode through it since Ep. 136.

I can't even play the episode in my browser. Please fix :( I miss listening to the show.

I have had other folks comment on Pocketcast as well. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about that since it is because it is a relationship issue with my service and Pocketcast as an aggregator. In other words, it is Pocketcast's fault. As for it playing in the browser, I have tried it on my iphone, android and in a computer browser and all worked, so I don't know what the issue is there. Sorry!

Thanks for the reply. I'll go back to using my other podcast app (Doggcatcher). It seems to pick up the episodes correctly.

Thanks for the heads up!

Hey folks. Thanks for the great podcast. I would highly recommend the Hill People Gear chest pack for a variety of vigorous outdoor activities. I regularly mountain bike and occasionally trail run with my M&P shield with an extra magazine and really like it. It has a fairly quick draw and when equipped with the elastic chest strap moves well with the body. It also integrates easily with a backpack and they also make an ultralight version for avid trail runners.