Monday, September 12, 2016


Summer is over.. time to talk guns... What is an Any Other Weapon Weapon? AJ reviews some awesome leather holsters that won't break the bank! Then, Paul has found some nice Glock 21 round magazines that are priced right!!! Finally, as a Gun Nation listener, you can get Smith and Wesson Shields and the PLAN B for a great price!!! That plus MORE!
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Regarding carrying at work. I’m 60 with “DunLap” disease. What has worked for me the last several years is a horsehide Crossbreed carrying a SIG P938 with a 7rd extended magazine and a stiff gun belt. I wear the Crossbreed at 3 o’clock over an undershirt with business casual, tucked in and rarely know it is there during a 8-10 hour day in the lab or office. You have to be a little careful in or out of armchairs or reaching high overhead but otherwise it is very accessible in any posture with good retention.

My issue with a pocket carry is getting to your weapon while seated or kneeling. In my opinion ankle carry is better than pocket carry.

A problem I would like to hear discussed is when you’re at the family reunion/thanksgiving where aunty M expects a hug. My solution so far has been a bellyband worn with the weapon under your armpit so if you keep your left arm low the weapon is covered, Yes I know its harder to deploy but so far no shocked looks as aunty M feels your weapon.