Monday, September 19, 2016

EPISODE172 - Ruger Top Ten

The gift that keeps on giving...George Zimmerman is back in the news. Missouri headed to Constitutional Carry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then, we discuss our top ten Ruger firearm picks!! (ours goes to 11... to 11) PLUS MMMOOOORRREEE!!
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Team Gun Nation

Great episode on the Ruger line up!

Ruger if you are listening. Please Pleaee bring back the 96/22 and 96/44. Those are great rifles for working rural folks.

Lipseys. The 96/44 and 96/22 would be great Doc Wesson Commemorative Rifles! I will take 4 of each to outfit the boys. Seriously. Those are great platforms. Would be perfect if they came with threaded barrels and the 44 barrel with a fast twist for heavy cast bullets!

Joe. Great list. I've had or have many of them. Thanks for doing it!


And who is Wiley Clapp anyway? How about a useful commemorative for the PodFather!